Conditions Treated by a Chiropractic Centre

Not going the route of surgery and drugs is the approach of the natural healthcare known as chiropractic. General wellbeing and pain relief through manual manipulation make chiropractic treatment one of the best alternative healthcare approaches.

While the most common reason for people to seek chiropractic care is the alleviation of joint, back, and neck pain, health maintenance also tops the list. The wide variety of services offered by a chiropractic centre includes:


Known as manual therapy, physiotherapy is the manual treatment of injuries, muscles, joint pain, and tendons. Strength, flexibility, and elasticity are the major aims of physiotherapy. The reduction of pain allows muscles and joints to achieve optimum levels of function.

Chiropractic treatment

Chronic pain and conditions such as stiffness, back and neck pain, and headaches that have bothered you over the years can be relieved by chiropractic treatment.

Sport Massage

Combining Trigger Point Therapy and Deep Tissue Massage is provided by the sports massage. Aggressive and repetitive movements often cause muscles, joints, and tendons to become stressed and overused. The overused and stressed areas of the body are the main focus of the sports massage.

Lower back pain

One of the frequent pains affecting many people around the world is lower back pain. Some people may experience it once but many people suffer from chronic lower back pain. It is because the entire weight of the upper body is held by the lower back. Lower back pain lasting for 3 months at the least, is already considered a chronic condition.


Pressure on the sciatic nerve can cause excruciating pain that starts on the hip or back, radiating down the lower leg. Pain, tingling, numbness, and back pain are the usual signs and symptoms of the sciatica condition. Long-term and fast relief can be achieved by chiropractic treatment.

Neck Pain

The advanced technologies used today have also created a medical condition known as neck pain. Poor posture and craning the neck for extended periods while working on a computer have led to neck overstress. Modern drugs may provide quick relief, but it is a chiropractic treatment that succeeds in long-term rehabilitation.


Migraines and headaches have become a frequent health conditions today. Stress is the culprit behind joint or muscle abnormalities. Long-term relief from headaches becomes possible with chiropractic treatment.

Pregnancy wellbeing

A painful or uncomfortable pregnancy is caused by a myriad of spinal abnormalities. Better birth labour, healthy pregnancy, relief from pain, and good positioning of the baby are the benefits gained by pregnant women opting for chiropractic treatment.

Herniated Disc

The severe pain to handicap the neck or lower back is known as the herniated disc condition. Popularly known as the “slipped disc”, it can cause irreparable damage when left untreated right off. Physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments provide the perfect solution without resorting to surgery or drugs.

Shoulder pain

Bursitis, rotator cuff tendinitis, frozen shoulder, and osteoarthritis are some of the common shoulder pain conditions. Chiropractic treatment offers the safest and most effective alternative solution to shoulder pain.

The finest physiotherapy and chiropractic care are provided by reputable chiropractic centres. A pain-free life is always a good life, making chiropractic treatments the top natural alternative for all. Contact Richmond’s leading chiropractor to know more about us.