Why use a Plant Based Protein Powder

Protein is one of the building blocks of a healthy diet. In fact without protein we would actually cease to exist. There is no wonder why nutritionists can’t stress enough upon the importance of proteins. While everyone would like to get the required dose of protein, not everyone eats the kinds of food which could immediately help improve their protein uptake. This also by no means an indication that you should start eating pounds of red meat just to get the required protein intake. Plant proteins can help fulfil those needs just as well.

One way of getting the right amount of protein in your diet is with the help of protein powders. You may be wondering that why should a layperson worry about protein powders, aren’t those for gym buffs only. Protein powder is in fact helpful for everyone. Those looking to gain weight, those who want to lose weight and also for those who simply want to remain healthy.

You can either choose to take animal protein powders or plant protein powders. However, there are several benefits of taking plant protein powders, which are as follows:

  • One major reason why you should take plant based protein powder is because it is good for the environment. Whereas animal farms take up a great deal of space and also make use of a great deal of natural resources, plant based proteins come from the basic units of life which is a plant.
  • It is a clean and natural way of getting all the required nutrients into your body.
  • Whey protein may be great for achieving that perfect form but there are quite a few people who find themselves allergic to whey. For such people plant based protein powders are easier to digest.
  • Some protein powders also contain gluten, whereas plant based protein powders are gluten free. So if you suffer from a gluten allergy, plant based protein powders could be the answer.
  • One other reason why plant based powders are so much more effective is because they contain a good amount of fibre. Fibre makes you help feel fuller and can keep those hunger pangs at bay. Plus fiber is great for the digestion as well.
  • Most people prefer a non-vegetarian diet. However such a diet can increase the amount of acidity in the body. On top of it if they take in animal based protein powders they might have high amounts of acidity. Whereas plats can help balance all that acidity because they are more inclined towards the alkaline side of the pH scale.
  • Also plants are high in anti-oxidants. Not only can they help you get an adequate amount of proteins there are other beneficial vitamins and minerals found in plants as well. For example flax seeds are good in omega3 fats which makes them ideal for someone looking for a heart healthy diet.
  • Choose a plant protein powder which is made up of a combination of different plant proteins to get the most benefit from the protein powder.