Pregnancy Research and Fertility

Pregancy research and fertility has important implications for the health of future generations. The University of Newcastle's Priority Research Centre for Reproductive Science aims to address one of the Australian Government's most important national research priorities — 'A Healthy Start to Life' — by improving the health of pregnant women and providing key information on the determinants of a healthy start to life.

Pregnancy Research and FertilityRecent pregnancy research demonstrates that the long term health and welfare of individuals is critically affected by the quality of the gametes that form the embryo and the nature of the intrauterine environment provided by the mother during foetal development.

Newcastle Innovation has for many years worked closely with leading authority on cell biology and reproductive science Laureate Professor John Aitken and endochrinologist and pregnancy research specialist in the physiology of human birth and the pathophysiology of premature birth Professor Roger Smith. Their work in pregnancy research and fertility is focussed on: