Workplace POWER

Obesity contributes not only to serious health concerns, but can also have adverse affects in the workplace. For example, being overweight can increase the risk of work injury, and decrease productivity and attendance. Shift workers particularly can be susceptible to weight gain due to biological and psychological factors including fatigue and interrupted eating and lifestyle patterns.

Workplace POWERTM (Preventing Obesity Without Eating like a Rabbit) is an innovative workplace-based weight loss program that is targeted directly towards men in the workplace. It is research-based and requires minimal contact with men.  The program uses a DVD resource or information session, an interactive website and a small number of supplementary resources to educate men in how to improve their own lifestyles in regards to healthy eating and physical activity.


Workplace POWERTM trial partner Tomago Aluminium has won the prestigious Australian National Preventive Health Agency Healthy Workplace Awards for Team Excellence in Workplace Health and Well-being. Congratulations Professor Morgan and the Workplace POWERTM team!


  • One information session or DVD viewing
  • 'The Weight Loss Handbook’
  • 'Website User Guide for Blokes’ to assist with the use of the Calorie King web site
  • Low cost (due to low cost resources)
  • Based on theoretical framework


  • Improved cardiovascular and psychological health
  • Sustained weight loss
  • Reduced risk of work injury
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Reduced onsite injuries


Professor Philip Morgan, Professor Clare Collins, Professor Robin Callister and Professor Ron Plotnikoff from the Priority Research Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition, University of Newcastle, Australia

Development Stage

Workplace POWERTM has been implemented in industry in a randomised control trial. The trial demonstrated that the men were able to lose weight, become more active, and improve their diets and mental health. There were also significantly fewer injuries in the workplace, less sick days taken, and the men were more productive at work, particularly in relation to physical jobs. Program applications have been extended to prove the concept. The workplace recently won a major 'excellence in safety' award for the implemtation of this initiative.

Potential Application and Market Opportunities

Workplace POWERTM will find application in most workplaces looking to provide healthy lifestyle intervention options to their employees. However, it will be of most benefit in male-dominated or shift-worker industries. Workplace POWERTM is well suited to any company looking to decrease risks in order to improve workplace safety and lower insurance premiums.


Newcastle Innovation is seeking business partners to assist in the full commercialisation of the program.

Workplace POWER in the news

Read Walkley award winning health writer Paula Goodyer's article about the success of Workplace POWERTM POWER here.

Selected research publications

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