Workplace POWER

Workplace POWER (Preventing Obesity Without Eating like a Rabbit) is an innovative, multi-award winning work-place based weight loss program for men, and the first program internationally to target blue collar male workers.

The low-intensity program includes an information session, DVD and gender-tailored supplementary resources that provide education about sustainable weight loss and improving dietary and physical activity behaviours.

The program does not require men to forego beer or foods they enjoy, or embark on unsustainable exercise regimes. Rather, the evidence-based program uses a light hearted approach and simplifies the weight loss process using language and strategies that appeal to, and engage, men.


  • First program internationally to target blue collar workers
  • Program design based on a tested theoretical framework and extensive research
  • Gender-tailored program resources to appeal to men
  • Low cost program
  • Low intensity program requiring limited time commitment of workplaces and employees
  • Comprehensive program resources:

- 90 minute information session
- Weight Loss DVD for Blokes
- Weight Loss Handbook for Blokes
- Weight Loss Log Book
- Calorie King Website User Guide Low cost


  • Enhance overall health of employees
  • Weight loss (men lose on average 4-5 kgs)
  • Improved quality of life for employees
  • Results from previous programs showed significant cost-savings through increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and workplace injuries.

Development Stage

Tomago AluminiumWorkplace POWER has been delivered to over 300 men at an aluminium smelter in Tomago, NSW. Workplace POWER is now available to all organisations seeking a workplace health program suitable for male employees.

Newcastle Innovation has also developed a training program enabling providers of workplace health programs to deliver Workplace POWER to organisations. 

Who can use Workplace POWER?

Workplace POWER can be delivered by providers of workplace health programs/services, or can be delivered directly by the University to organisations seeking to run a healthy lifestyle intervention for their staff.

The program is particularly well suited to male dominated or shift-worker industries, as a means of improving the health of staff, productivity and workplace safety.


  • National winner- best workplace health initiative for a large workplace, Workplace Health Awards, Australian National Preventive Health Agency, Tomago Aluminium, 2013
  • Hunter Manufacturing Award, Excellence in Safety, Tomago Aluminium, 2011

How to access Workplace POWER

Newcastle Innovation is seeking partnership opportunities with providers of workplace health and injury rehabilitation services and programs, to be trained to deliver Workplace POWER to organisations.

Workplace POWER is also now available to organisations and employers wishing to have the program delivered to their staff.

More information and orders for the program can be placed with innovation [at] newcastle [dot] edu [dot] au (subject: Workplace%20POWER%20program) (Newcastle Innovation.)