The Self-help, Exercise, and Diet using Information Technology (SHED-IT) program is an innovative, gender-tailored weight loss program for men. It is a low intensity intervention requiring no face-to-face contact between providers and participants of the program.

SHED-IT is perfect for men looking for an evidence-based, simple and motivating program to help them lose weight and keep it off, without having to give up the foods they enjoy or life’s other luxuries (e.g. the occasional beer).

SHED-IT uses an information DVD and minimal supplementary resources to provide guidance on healthy eating and physical activity.


SHED-IT is a low-cost, evidence-based 12 week program designed specifically for men. There are no group sessions, weekly meetings, pills, potions or fads. Men receive a resource pack that provides them with the knowledge and motivation they need to make sustainable and healthy changes to their lifestyle.

The packs include:

  • 25 minute SHED-IT information DVD
  • Weight Loss Handbook for Blokes
  • Weight Loss Log Book
  • Calorie King Website User Guide
  • Pedometer and waist tape measure


  • Easy to use
  • Lose weight and keep it off (men lose 4-5kgs on average)
  • Increased fitness
  • Better quality of life
  • Improved cardiovascular and psychological health
  • Self-administered

Development stage

SHED-IT has delivered outstanding weight loss results during successful trials. Across a pilot trial with 60 University of Newcastle staff and students and a community trial of 160 men from the NSW Hunter region, those using the program as recommended lost an average of 4-5 kilograms throughout the 12 week program.

These results are comparable with intensive weight loss programs that require face-to-face sessions. This research demonstrates SHED-IT as a viable, cost-effective and easily disseminated obesity treatment program that can be provided to large numbers of men.

Who can use SHED-IT?

SHED-IT is perfect for any man wanting to lose weight and keep it off. The SHED-IT packs are easy to follow and are now available to order through Newcastle Innovation.

Additionally, SHED-IT can be delivered to men by health practitioners (e.g. physiotherapists, dieticians, exercise scientists, GPs), either directly or via referral to Newcastle Innovation.


SHED-IT has been described by the prestigious Annals of Behavioral Medicine journal as "a momentous step toward addressing the long overlooked need to develop behavioural weight control programs that appeal predominantly to men and have wide reaching potential to impact obesity among the male half of our population."

How to access SHED-IT

Newcastle Innovation is seeking organisations and health practitioners to deliver the program to their clients. Individual SHED-IT packs are also available to order from innovation [at] newcastle [dot] edu [dot] au (subject: SHED-IT%20program) (Newcastle Innovation).