Obesity is a major cause of preventable death in Australia, with prevalence increasing at an alarming rate. Of particular concern is the fact that almost 70 per cent of men in Australia are overweight or obese, yet they are notoriously difficult to engage in weight loss programs.

The SHED-ITTM (Self-Help, Exercise, Diet and Information Technology) program is an innovative gender-tailored weight loss program specifically for men. It is a research based and very low intensity intervention. It uses a DVD resource, the internet and minimal supplementary resources to teach men how to improve their own lifestyles in regards to healthy eating and physical activity. 


  • A 23 minute SHED-ITTM DVD resource
  • A ‘Weight Loss Handbook for Blokes’
  • A ‘Weight Loss Log Book for Blokes’
  • A ‘Website User Guide for Blokes’ to assist with use of the Calorie King web site.
  • Low cost (due to low cost resources)
  • Gender tailored and based on a theoretical framework
  • Evidence based and has attraced outstanding results and interest from men in research trials
  • Noface-to-face contact required


  • Improved cardiovascular and psychological health
  • Improved fitness and lifestyle behaviours (physical activity and nutrition)
  • Sustained weight loss
  • Self administered


Professor Philip Morgan, Professor Clare Collins and Professor Robin Callister from the Priority Research Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition, University of Newcastle

Development Stage

SHED-ITTM has been successfully trialled at the University of Newcastle, by (i) a pilot trial with 65 University staff and students who achieved and maintained weight loss and (ii) a larger community trial where 160 men from the Hunter region successfully lost weight and improved a host of health outcomes. SHED-ITTM was nominated for an international award and chosen as one of the hot topics at the Australian Health and Medical Research Congress. This research provides evidence for feasible, theoretically-driven, cost-effective and easily disseminated obesity treatments that can be provided to large numbers of men.

Potential Application and Market Opportunities

SHED-ITTM is a beneficial resource to all men seeking to improve their weight profile, fitness levels and nutrition. It has application across all industry sectors along with clinical and general health settings. Access via online modality will soon become available.


Newcastle Innovation is seeking business partners to assist in the full commercialisation of the program.

Selected research publications:

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